CPC: Supporting Energy Efficency in Affordable Housing

Social Impact Strategy, Visual Communications
About This Project


Building the capacities of the lending industry to promote energy efficiency in affordable housing


As a leader in the nonprofit affordable housing mortgage lending industry, Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) has identified the value of prioritizing energy efficiency to ensure an affordable, resilient and stable housing stock in New York. CPC determined that an “Underwriting Efficiency Handbook” would serve as a powerful tool to build capacity in New York’s lending community. CPC brought on TYTHEdeisgn to support the development of the Handbook and head its design.




TYTHE engaged stakeholders from across the lending community in a collaborative process, leveraging knowledge to identify specific opportunities and incite action. Engagements ranged from working sessions with a 15-person task force to collaborative workshops with over 50 peers from across the ecosystem. Working with CPC at each step of the process, TYTHE provided strategic direction from big picture guidance to detailed planning. TYTHE helped support not only an insight-infused final product but also an actionable plan for implementation and adoption.




An Actionable Tool

Insights gathered with stakeholders allowed TYHTHE to support CPC in developing a Handbook that strengthens lending agencies’ ability and effectiveness in increasing energy efficiency practices during the mortgage underwriting process. Furthermore, TYTHE directed the graphic design and layout of the Handbook, achieving a final product targeted at the indented users and distribution.


A Stronger Lending Network

To date, the Handbook has been distribution to all 500 key stakeholders and is complemented by CPC trainings and webinars. Due to the success of the Handbook, TYTHE is currently working with CPC on the development of a Small Building Financing Guide.



Client: Community Preservation Corporation (CPC)


Collaborators: TYTHEdesign (Kristina Drury, Andrew Lebowitz, Alix Gerber, Mary Kathryn Fisher)


Year: 2016-2017


Publication: Underwriting Efficiency Handbook