HelloSmile: Streamlining a Low-Income Ophthalmology Clinic

Social Impact Strategy
About This Project


Developing accessible, culturally relevant navigation tools and service delivery for a low-income health clinic in Brooklyn.


hellosmile’s innovation lab (HelloLab) uses design and technology to improve children’s health and happiness, transforming children’s wellness in a systematic, reliable, and sustainable way. When they teamed up with a new low-income pediatric ophthalmology clinic, Pediatric Eye MD,  in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they reached out to TYTHE to guide the strategy for the spatial organization, interior design, and wayfinding of the new space.




In order to address spatial, service and system concerns, TYTHE conducted extensive hands-on research to understand the experience of staff and clients. Our team observed and shadowed doctors, staff, and clients to understand their daily experiences at the clinic.


TYTHE designed the office to match the pedestrian flow while maintaining a comfortable experience for patients, addressing the unique needs of this pediatric eye clinic with a low-income clientele. Details included establishing a secondary waiting room, keeping patients comfortable while encouraging a quick turnover of clients for the doctor, as well as a single-direction reception area that focused on decreasing congestion.


To complete the collaboration with helloLAB, TYTHE planned the strategy and designed the essential graphics for the clinic’s wayfinding materials.  The informative visuals worked with the new flow of the space so staff, doctors and patients could easily navigate the office.




Practical Skills for Civil Servants

The group was able to practice putting design thinking into action, discovering tips and tricks to connect their services to their community members


Clear Opportunities for Implementation

Building off of the energy in the room, TYTHE helped the group assess the next steps and determine ideal opportunities for implementation.



Client: hellosmile


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Erick Melendez


Year: 2012