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We recognize the challenges facing social good organizations today are systemic and ever-changing. One-size-fits-all models of social change have been proven ineffective, becoming obsolete soon after they are adopted. TYTHEdesign was created in response to this notion, designing with, not for the social sector. We maximize and refine existing knowledge, building collaborative solutions for the elusive, complex challenges our clients face.

Whether you are navigating growth or implementing a new initiative, our strategy, and training services, we utilize a set of guiding principles to ensure our collaboration is transparent, equitable, and enjoyable. 


  • We approach all problem-solving through a human-centered, inclusive, anti-racist, equitable and sustainable lens.
  • As we see community members are the prime stakeholder, we will work collaboratively to co-create solutions centered on the needs and interests of those communities. By focusing on the direct needs, this helps us to better empathize, advocate, and avoid assumptions and harm upon communities.
  • In addition to no harm upon community members, we will never do harm upon the environment during our collaboration.
  • We incorporate space for continual learning in our process, as well as reflect and evaluate on the successes, failures, and lessons learned in our work in order to adapt for the future. We are driven by outcomes that are solid, meaningful and long-lasting to relevant stakeholders.
  • We utilize our creative spirits together while remaining humble, knowing that even in collaboration, we together may not have perfect information, and may not have all of the answers.
  • We lead as a catalyst for change that happens in honest and transparent ways.
  • We leave our egos at the door to promote a high level of collaboration, identifying that the deliverables and outcomes of our project are not owned by any single individual. 

To achieve our guiding principles for collaboration, we utilize the following strategies: 

  • We incorporate a socio-historical and cultural lens across our stakeholder engagement.
  • We are comfortable with discomfort, in order to unlearn the wrongs of racism, bias and systemic oppression.
  • We promote equity and access through inclusive problem-solving and a process of participatory decision-making.
  • We share outcomes in a transparent way. 
  • We prioritize long-term growth over short-term gains.

What is human-centered design?

Human-centered design (also known as Design Thinking) is a creative approach to problem-solving that is traditionally rooted in the social sector. It ensures that decisions make are beneficial and relevant for the end users, often community stakeholders who are the recipients of a program or initiative.


What is co-creation?

Co-creation processes focus on designing with, not for the end user. We including clients and the individuals impacted by the process at each step of the way, seeking full group participation and collaboratively developing solutions that work for everyone.


What do we mean by “social good?”

We define social good as the positive impact organizations in communities are making to address societal issues, local needs, or environmental challenges. 


Do you do “pro-bono” work in communities? 

Honoring our namesake TYTHE (tithing), pro-bono consulting work is central to our mission, with a portion of our annual portfolio dedicated to clients doing social good. Reach out to learn more.  

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As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for talented professionals to grow our capabilities. Potential roles include permanent staff positions, as well as short-term roles for upcoming projects. If you’re interested in joining our team, we want to hear from you. Feel free to email us at info [@]