Civic Design Camp: Applying Journey Mapping to Civil Service

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About This Project


Training civil servants and innovators to consider services from a new perspective with journey mapping.


Civic Design Camp is multi-city day-long ‘unconference’ that brings together public servants, designers, and innovators to build better experiences for citizens. Seeking a means to provide relevant skills to their attendees, they sought a means to teach the design thinking methodology as a part of their event.




TYTHEdesign joined the conference to provide an engaging, hour-long dive into the practical application of design thinking. With a focus on adapting theory into real action, the 20-person session explored interactive ‘journey mapping’ process to improve service delivery. The tool offered a glimpse at how civil servants might navigate challenges to include the perspectives of their community, refine systems, and analyze feedback to improve civic life by looking carefully at their constituents’ patterns.




Practical Skills for Civil Servants

The group was able to practice putting design thinking into action, discovering tips and tricks to connect their services to their community members


Clear Opportunities for Implementation

Building off of the energy in the room, TYTHE helped the group assess next steps and determine ideal opportunities for implementation.



Client: Civic Design Camp


Facilitator: Kristina Drury


Year: 2014