All Out: Building Cohesion for an Advocacy Network

Professional Trainings
About This Project


Building the internal capacity of a global LGBT advocacy group.


Leveraging “people power” through creative community organizing tactics, All Out builds global online and offline campaigns to advance the rights of the LGBT community. The organization petitions world leaders and global organizations to work closely with local organizations and activists, mobilizing thousands of people to push for equality. All Out sought a means of growing their team’s capacity to reach a broader audience, identifying their upcoming organizational restructuring as the ideal opportunity to do so.




Leveraging the time of transition as an opportunity for growth, TYTHE collaborated with All Out leaders to develop a day-long staff retreat and interactive workshop at the organization’s annual summit. TYTHE brought a new sense of alignment and fostered internal cohesion, using design thinking as a means to building staff capacity and identifying innovative and impactful opportunities moving forward.




Organizational Alignment

The workshop equipped All Out with newfound organizational voice as well as clearly defined opportunities to expand their campaign and restructure internally.


Building a Stronger Network of Global Activists

TYTHE positioned All Out to leverage creative problem solving techniques to build internal capacity and expand their reach.



Client: All Out
Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Grace Moore
Year: 2016