LISC: Community-based Research to Build a Re-Entry Center

Social Impact Strategy, Visual Communications
About This Project


Gathering input on a future multi-service community center through a series of stakeholder workshops


The Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) connects community leaders and community-based organizations with the resources to improve neighborhoods. In collaboration with the Osborne Association, an organization that supports formerly incarcerated individuals, the groups were planning the redevelopment of an old prison facility into an economic development and reentry community center in the South Bronx.




Working in collaboration with Project Urbanista, TYTHEdesign, developed and facilitated a series of seven workshops to collect community needs, insights and feedback, regarding the redevelopment of the facility. Each workshop worked in a cohesive progression but maintained the flexibility to stand-alone. Workshops engaged participants in individual and collaborative  activities to consider the challenges and opportunities in their community, exploring scenarios to mitigate these challenges and optimize these opportunities.  Each workshop was designed to be highly inclusive of all voices in the room, allowing for quieter participants to be involved and creating a safe space for dialogue around concerns.

To facilitate additional outreach, TYTHE also designed a custom suite of outreach materials, original illustrations and graphics to establish a distinct identity that community members and program participants could quickly associate with the project.




A Set of Community-Constructed Recommendations

TYTHE turned user-centered research into concrete recommendations to provide the reentry population and the broader community with a diverse set of services. Community feedback will act as a key driver as the Osborne Association further develops this re-entry community center. The inclusive workshops drew out community voices from local residents, the reentry community, state senators, service providers, and NYPD. LISC and the Osborne Association are actively incorporating these insights into the redevelopment plan.


Consistent Voice for Outreach

The Osborne Association is using the promotional materials to maintain momentum surrounding the development proposal and encourage continued community involvement.


Replicable Toolkit

In addition to the report, TYTHEdesign designed and developed a toolkit that includes the activities and approaches used during the project. The toolkit serves to build capacity and momentum for both the client and the community.



Client: Local Initiative Support Corporation, Osborne Association


Collaborators: Project Urbanista, Kristina Drury, Ellie Wendell, Doug Knapton, Lora Lui


Year: 2014-2015