IMPACCT Brooklyn: Community-Based Needs Assessment

Social Impact Strategy, Visual Communications
About This Project


Conducting a community-based needs-assessment in Brooklyn


In early 2023, IMPACCT Brooklyn was engaged in a strategic planning process to ensure it remains a leader as a thriving community-based organization. As part of this process, the organization collaborated with TYTHEdesign to lead a comprehensive needs-assessment process to support IMPACCT with a better understanding of the current conditions, needs, and opportunities in the community through the collection and analysis of inclusive community-based qualitative and quantitative data.


UUpon establishing the goal, areas of focus, and research questions with IMPACCT Brooklyn, TYTHEdesign developed a stakeholder engagement plan to collect the community’s insights regarding the organization and its services. TYTHE specifically collected information about four program offerings including Homeowner Services, Economic Development, Social Services, and Community Organizing.




The Report

TYTHEdesign developed a comprehensive needs-assessment report that was divided into two sections. Neighborhood Snapshots included six neighborhoods in central Brooklyn that are part of IMPACCT Brooklyn’s catchment area. These snapshots provide an overview of the current makeup of the community and highlight key changes over time. The second section, Program Opportunities, highlights community-based opinions and insights, along with a high-level analysis of publicly available data relevant to each program. This data was then utilized to identify potential opportunities and recommendations for each IMPACCT program to adjust its approach or services to meet the evolving needs of its constituents.


Client: IMPACCT Brooklyn


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Toby Gardner, and Hans Callenbach 


Year: 2020-2023