NYC Dept of Education: Human-Centered Evaluation of a Curriculum Pilot

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About This Project


Evaluating a two-year educational pilot with NYCDOE’s iZone


To prepare New York City students for a success in a globally-connected world, the Department of Education’s (DOE) Office of Innovation, iZone, designs and tests new learning models and strives for innovation within the public school system. Having previously collaborated with TYTHE to pilot a curriculum co-creation process, iZone sought a design-based evaluation of the two-year Asynchronous Learning endeavor and its outcomes.




Armed with insights from an extensive needs assessment during the initial curriculum pilot, TYTHE was able to identify the key areas by which to evaluate program implementation and learning outcomes. We approached the project through the lens of human-centered research principles, capturing both qualitative and quantitative metrics to track program success. To understand how participating schools related to the metrics throughout the project, TYTHE and iZone developed stakeholder surveys and measurement frameworks to capture snapshots of student, teacher and administrator experiences from each school, as well as conducted three specific case study analyses.



An Actionable Final Report

The final reports highlight the experiences of participating schools and teachers includes salient challenges, achievements, and recommendations for other schools interested in adopting the pilot. The final report included a 75+ page master report, mini school reports (include analysis of each of the eight participating schools) and three full school case studies.


A sharable learning tool

Rich with critical insight, the report serves as an educational tool that guides iZone as it further develops the existing pilot and looks to test new learning models in the future.



Client: NYC Department of Education


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Ellie Wendell, Lora Lui


Year: 2013-2015