DAWI – Publicizing Cooperative Report Findings

About This Project

Advocating for Worker Cooperatives through Web Development and Report Graphics.

The Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) is a prominent resource for work cooperatives in the United States, advocating for equitable economy and better jobs for cooperative employees. In collaboration with Citi Community Development and Project Equity, a San Francisco non-profit dedicated to fostering economic resilience through worker ownership, DAWI conducted a year-long study to explore economic development models across the United States. With their research complete, DAWI sought TYTHEdesign’s support to digitally publicize the outcomes of their report, Building the Inclusive Economy.


TYTHE worked with DAWI staff to develop a website presenting findings from the study and providing actionable information to support target audience. To illustrate the key findings and link data from each of the five cities featured in the study, TYTHE designed a set of graphics and diagrams using DAWI’s existing brand identity. The website itself was designed to highlight key components of the report, be easily navigable, and augment findings with resources for action.


A Means to Advocate for New Partnerships

The Cooperative Growth Ecosystem website and its accompanying graphics are now being used to advocate for partnerships in new cities, strengthening the ecosystem for worker-owned initiatives. With TYTHEdesign’s support, DAWI and Project Equity have deepened their capacity to reach a broader audience and disseminate their research nationally.


Supporting Widespread EdTech Adoption

TYTHE designed graphics to be flexible for use beyond the website, providing DAWI with a resource to carry forward the graphic identity into future projects and campaigns.



Client: Democracy at Work Institute, Project Equity, Citi Community Development


Collaborators: Hans Callenbach, Kristina Drury, Grace Moore


Year: 2015