CS4All: Co-Creating a Citywide Classroom Initiative

Social Impact Strategy
About This Project


Guiding the development of a computer science implementation Blueprint to support a citywide initiative. 


To effectively implement its Computer Science for All Initiative (CS4All)– a 10-year, $80 million plan to bring computer science (CS) education to each of NYC’s 1.1 million public school students—the NYC Department of Education sought to collaboratively design a Blueprint detailing existing CS education practices and compiling resources for teachers for meeting distinct student needs.




TYTHEdesign stepped in to collaboratively build a support tool—the “Blueprint”—for implementing CS across the city. TYTHE served as CS4All’s strategic partner, specifically supporting the design and facilitation of a series of stakeholder workshops, smaller collaborative working sessions and uncovering and analyzing participant insight to inform Blueprint development. Working with the CS4All team at each step of the process, we provided overarching strategic guidance and planning to ensure not only an insight-infused final product, but also an actionable plan for implementation and adoption.




A collaborative working process

To date, TYTHEdesign has led seven educator workshops (gathering over 50 individual perspectives), eight content co-design sessions , and one round table convening industry professionals and partners. TYTHEdesign led the strategy and co-design of summer teacher fellowship, to allow for the collaborative development and synthesis of the Blueprint content with a core team of teacher fellows. Following the fellowship, the Blueprint outline and draft content was finalized.


A clear path forward

Throughout the fall, TYTHEdesign will support the CS4All team in its continual development of the Blueprint with workshops and a strategic plan moving forward. Over seven workshops as planned, which will engage over 100+ different stakeholders including Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Academics, DOE content experts, and Industry Professionals.



Client: NYC Department of Education


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Grace Moore, Alix Gerber, Mary Kathryn Fisher


Year: 2018