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Developing and leading workshops to build problem-solving and facilitation capacity in government agencies


TYTHE has partnered with several NYC agencies to support a creative and adaptable problem-solving approach for public-facing civil servants. We offer workshops to improve teams’ capacity to problem-solve, design, and deliver easy-to-use, efficient, and effective public services. TYTHE’s training draws on our experience in the field, offering case studies and interactive modeling to bridge the gap between theory and practice and ensure participants walk away with a firm grounding of the subject at hand, regardless of their backgrounds.

Our training approach, based on Dialogue Education and Malcolm Knowles’s Adult Learning Principles, emphasizes creating space for individual work and group leadership–focusing on specific goals and outcomes–and encouraging an environment of collaboration, reflection, respect, and empathy. These experiences create multi-directional conversation, a sense of transparency regarding common issues or challenges, and leaves participants feeling included and empowered.




TYTHE’s trainings are highly interactive to model the collaborative and creative process between civil servants and their constituents. In order to support the unique needs of each group, TYTHEdesign tailors learning objectives to the specific context, experience level, and potential uses of the participants.




Creative and Collaborative Civil Servant Trainings

Over the past seven years, TYTHE has taught over 7,500 change-makers, civic leaders, and individual practitioners across a variety of government agencies. Our trainings range from two hour, one-time sessions to five-part series and have been offered both virtually and in-person.


Ongoing Learning and Implementation Materials

To ensure that workshops are not one-off experiences, TYTHEdesign provides supplemental training materials including tools, session recordings, and one-on-one support to organizations to extend their learning and opportunities for implementation.



NYC Dept. of Buildings
NYC Dept. of City Planning
NYC Dept. of Education
NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene
NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development
NYC Mayor’s Office of NYC Service
NYC Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development
NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation
NYC Dept. of Small Business Services
NYC Dept. of Veterans Affairs
NYC Economic Development Corporation
NYC Housing Authority
New York Public LIbrary
Brooklyn Public Library
City University of New York


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Michaela Kramer, Aliza Sarian, and Hillary Clark


Year: 2016 – present