CA State Library System: Storytelling the Future of Libraries

Visual Communications
About This Project


An illustrated story map of the California Library’s adapting role in the community. 


The California Public Library System wanted to communicate its unique story, role, and resources to the hundreds of librarians in its system. The system was looking to create strategic communication material to advocate the potential of 21st century libraries to serve as community resources centers that are adaptive to new technology.




Working with Get Storied, a transformative storytelling organization, TYTHE created detailed graphics to strategically support the story of the California library system and its evolution. Compiled into a booklet and poster, the print collateral contained a strong text hierarchy, establishing an easy-to-follow, engaging sequence as the material opens into a full-sized poster. Our designers set a light, but professional tone, implementing vivid yet poised color palette.




A Tool for Widespread Conversation

The booklet has been printed and distributed to over four hundred libraries, serving as a conversation starter for and building the capacity of libraries and local leaders across the state.


Celebration of a Community institution

The poster illustrates the myriad library functions and the institution’s transformation into a multifaceted 21st century resource. These custom-designed graphical elements bring a cheerful, relatable quality that engages its anticipated librarian audience as well as patrons.



Client: California Public Library SystemGet Storied


Collaborators: Erick Melendez,  Kristina Drury


Year: 2013