SSBX: A Design-Based After School Program

Social Impact Strategy
About This Project


An after-school program focusing on sustainability and business basics through the lens of design. 


Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx), a nonprofit focused on sustainability and economic development, was facing retention and recruitment challenges regarding their existing afterschool program. They reached out to TYTHEdesign to design a curriculum that would be more appealing and relevant to local students.





In order to design a curriculum that would be compelling to the local community, TYTHE conducted an extensive internal and external assessment. Our team explored priorities and challenges of students and parents, as well as other after school offerings in the area to uncover gaps in programming.


Based on the assessment, TYTHEdesign, in collaboration with SSBX, developed two 4-week curricula, each including 36 lessons: a community-driven program as well as an entrepreneurship program focusing on life skills through the lens of design. The programs educated and empowered the students to take the next steps in their future growth, teaching key skills such as Public Speaking, Time Management, Financial Planning, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Constructive Peer Criticism, Critical Thinking and Creativity.


SSBx piloted the syllabus during the summer of 2011 to ensured that the curriculum was relevant and consistent with the vision of SSBx.




A Transferrable Pilot

By taking a collaborative approach to program development, the team was able to build a curriculum that truly met students’ needs. The pilot program ran for two years through SSBx until adopted into a long-term program by a local Bronx High School.


Teaching Lifeskills Through Design

Using design educational principles, students learned valuable skills that can be used in every area of their lives. The programs were designed to prepare students to enter a variety of career pathways, teaching generalizable business skills as well as principles of sustainability.



Client: Sustainable South Bronx


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Sushir Kadidal, Josh Newman, Kena Hazelwood & Ardyth Corria


Year: 2010-2011


Awards: Core77 Design Award 2012 – Professional Runner-up Educational Inititives


Publications: Designing Here/Now