NY Academy of Science: Creative Thinking Workshop

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About This Project


Introducing the design thinking to drive innovation in the science community.


The Solution Lab is a nonprofit organization that brings together interdisciplinary professionals to accelerate innovation and growth in the healthcare and biopharma space. Partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences, the premiere connector between sciences and society, they sought to build a workshop that introduced ‘creative thinking’ processes to the scientific community.



TYTHEdesign devised and facilitated a program for the partnering organizations to introduce how the Design Thinking methodology can be adapted into a scientific context. The workshop highlighted design thinking’s agility, framing it as an adaptable way for organizations and individuals to approach challenges and the many opportunities where this can be applied to diverse fields. TYTHE catered the program to the speakers and scientific case studies identified by The Solution Lab, creating a coherent experience and integrating theories with practice that participants use daily. All of the activities were highly interactive, engaging participants in a collaborative, creative process that inspired them to go beyond traditional patterns of thought to uncover unconventional, but potentially groundbreaking, entrepreneurial ideas.




Integrating Design with the Sciences

Participants left with a reenergized perspective on how to carry their research beyond the lab and see firsthand how the creative process could be applied to academic research.



Client: The New York Academy of Sciences, The Solution Lab


Facilitators: Kristina Drury, Ellie Wendell


Year: 2014