USFWC: Worker Cooperatives Conference Collateral

Engaging diverse audiences with an accessible, informative website
Visual Communications
About This Project


Building a multi-purpose branding strategy for a worker cooperative conference.


When the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) and Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) began planning the 10th Anniversary National Workers’ Cooperative Conference, the two groups realized they needed a cohesive platform and brand to attract conference-goers and communicate with attendees during the event.




Following an inclusive strategy session, TYTHEdesign drafted a clean brand identity, color palette, easy-to-follow design guidelines, a set of unique icons, printed poster, and a user-friendly website. Working collaboratively with our programmers, we brought the vision of an easily navigable site to life and assisted the client in developing best practices for effective delivery of their content.




A Far-Reaching Marketing Campaign

The culminating website, branding, and associated collateral acted as a key tool in drawing in hundreds of workers and worker cooperatives to the event.


A Hub for Conference-Goers

Functional as more than simply a marketing tool, the collateral and informational displays and website served as a hub for information throughout the conference.



Client: US Federation of Workers CooperativesDemocracy at Work Institute


Collaborators: Piama Habibullah, Douglas Knapton, Ellie Wendell, Arrow Root Media


Year: 2014