Three Farm: Dynamic Marketing Materials

Visual Communications
About This Project


Building a mission-oriented branding campaign for an educational and innovation organization.


The Three Farm Network aims to distribute knowledge and decentralize the STEAM learning experience, promote creative confidence and social entrepreneurship and immerse citizens in creative and playful problem solving through their hands-on building challenges. The organization was seeking a new organizational strategy and print materials.




TYTHE stepped on to infuse the company’s ethos of sustainability into their marketing materials with a creative edge. Drawing on Three Farm’s modern aesthetic, TYTHE designed dynamic flyers that shared relevant information and transformed into a paper plane after use. Recipients of the materials were drawn in by the clarity of communication, consistency of Three Farm’s brand and inspired to be playful with simple instructions on how to turn the collateral into a toy plane.

To complete the campaign’s visual branding, TYTHE designed a large promotional wall poster, a folder to hold the flyers, and a graphic tablecloth pattern integrating Three farm’s logo and mission in a consistent, yet whimsical vision.




Mission-Reflecting Marketing Material

The final print collateral translated into a reusable end product, reflecting Three Farm’s commitment to education and the environment while helping build their business.




Client: Three Farm


Collaborators: Lora Lui


Year: 2014