Instructional Tool for Natural Disasters: TARPguide

Visual Communications
About This Project


A single-page instructional guide intended to help populations construct immediate shelters.


Populations displaced by natural disaster or conflict face difficult situations with limited resources. Noticing a shortage of simple instructional materials intended directly for these displaced populations, TYTHEdesign sought to connect the untapped knowledge within the humanitarian community on the provision and construction of emergency shelter with these displaced persons themselves.




TYTHE created a simple, single-page instructional manual intended to assist this population in constructing emergency shelters. TARPguide demonstrates low-cost building methods using materials commonly available to displaced persons, empowering individuals to construct shelter for themselves in times of emergency. TYTHE designed the guide using clear, universal graphics that circumvent language and cultural boundaries.




A Tool for Disaster Victims

The final product is concise, easily reproducible,  and does not require reading skills to use. Its accessible and replicable design enables the immediate response work of the aid community to reach victims across borders.


Widespread Distribution

Elements from the TARPguide were adopted to create the Red Cross 2011-2012 Emergency Disaster and Shelter Handbook, supporting individuals and communities in over 187 countries.



Collaborators: Allegra DeAngelo, Kristina Drury, Sushir Kadidal, Margo Dunlap


Year: 2009-2010