The Lunchbox Fund: Process Development for a Childhood Nutrition Nonprofit

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About This Project


Streamlining employee training and project reporting for a childhood nutrition nonprofit.


Lunchbox Fund (LBF) provides a daily meal to orphaned school children in South Africa, fostering educational participation by ensuring their recipients arrive at school well-fed. Identifying a need to codify their internal operating procedure, the organization sought a means to train their local and remote staff as well as communicate these on-the-ground activities to funders.




TYTHE collaborated with the LBF to design an internal operations handbook, using insights from prior project’s needs assessments to remain consistent with the organization’s branding. Throught the design and development process, TYTHE worked to create highly functional tools for daily use and a professional guide for employee training and mission alignment, as well as to provide a compelling story for funders.




A Tool for Employees and Funders Alike

The resulting guide is used for training of new staff both in the United States and South Africa and includes simple and replicable tools for tracking projects. Armed with this handbook, the LBF has been able to streamline their employee training process and efficiently report progress to funders.



Client: The Lunchbox Fund


Collaborators: Kristina Drury, Piama Habibullah


Year: 2013