Creative Connections: A Collaborative Year-End Assessment

Professional Trainings, Social Impact Strategy
About This Project


Providing a clear path forward for an after-school college readiness non-profit.  


Creative Connections empowers students to achieve their college and career dreams, conducting during and after school programs to help prepare students for their future educational and professional pursuits. Looking to track their impact, their executive team sought a new, productive way to discuss milestones from the previous year.




To build a meaningful and creative program evaluation, TYTHEdesign came on as a third party facilitator to objectively draw out the voices of all staff members. After establishing a collaborative and dynamic environment, TYTHE led the staff through a series of collective discovery and sharing activities (based on a design thinking methodology), each building upon the next. Using these interactive tools, staff uncovered areas of achievement and common obstacles.




Clearly defined achievement metrics

TYTHE’s collaborative exercises brought the staff and executive team to alignment on the previous year’s progress. By the end of the workshop, the staff and executive team had reached alignment on the previous year’s process.


A Vision for Providing Quality and Affordable Education

The team emerged with a clear consensus on the coming years program and opportunities to strengthen the strategic vision for their organization.



Client: Creative Connections


Lead Facilitor: Kristina Drury


Year: 2014