We recognize the challenges facing social good organizations today are systemic and ever-changing. One-size-fits-all models of social change have been proven ineffective, becoming obsolete soon after they are adopted. TYTHEdesign was created in response to this notion, designing with, not for the social sector. We maximize and refine existing knowledge, building collaborative solutions for the elusive, complex challenges our clients face.

TYTHEdesign is a capacity-building firm that uses the lens of design and strategy to support organizations doing good in their communities. We help organizations connect with their stakeholders, drive innovation internally, enhance new and existing services, and share their story. Ultimately, we’re here to deepen existing skills and strengthen the impact of your work.


At TYTHE, we bring a collaborative framework to each project, infusing the design thinking process into our daily practice. We focus on understanding your stakeholders’ unique challenges, tailoring outcomes to your community’s needs, and making informed design decisions. Our method doesn’t assume that a prescriptive process will provide the solution for your team—rather, we work with you to build a foundation of collective expertise and facilitate pertinent, feasible opportunities. Our multidisciplinary team brings skills and expertise from wide-ranging backgrounds and industries across non-profit, governmental, and private sectors. Throughout each phase of the process, our team designs with, not for, our partnering clients.


TYTHE is built on a life-long ethos of volunteerism and a desire to contribute to the greater good by giving back to the community. Conceived of during a trip exploring industrial manufacturing practices in India,  TYTHEdesign was founded by Kristina Drury in 2010 in response to the lack of design in social sector work. Our work is grounded in the belief that design tools have great potential to create impact, build empathy and solve human-centered problems. Since its inception, TYTHE has created change in over 150 projects across wide-ranging sectors, including health, education, food service and economic development. True to our name, our ‘tithing’ practice extends beyond our day-to-day work with annual pro bono work that supports our neighbors.


Our name comes from the historical practice of “tithing”, or contributing a tenth of a harvest to support the community. Victor Papanek (1927-1999), a social designer and educator, believed the design industry could apply the same principles “by giving ten percent of our crop of ideas and talents to the seventy-five percent of mankind in need” (Design for the Real World, 1992:68). In this tradition, we routinely integrate pro bono work into our portfolio. Our name serves as a reminder of this commitment.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is an experimental, user-centered problem solving approach. This collaborative process leads to solutions that are need-based and co-designed with community to drive enduring impact.


What is co-creation?

Co-creation processes focus on designing with, not for the end user. We including clients and the individuals impacted by the process at each step of the way, seeking full group participation and collaboratively developing solutions that work for everyone.


What do we mean by “social good?”

We’re referring to any organization that works to create a positive impact in the community—whether they’re addressing societal issues, local needs, or environmental challenges.


As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for talented professionals to grow our capabilities. Potential roles include permanent staff positions, as well as short-term roles for upcoming projects. If you’re interested in joining our team, we want to hear from you.