We believe in investing in the social sector for the long term. Our customized suite of public engagement and design thinking trainings provide organizations and individuals with the tools to uncover community need, carry out their missions, and introduce new creative methods into their organizational cultures.

Staff Trainings

Our team trainings, catered to the unique needs of your organization, help you bring more voices to the table and explore new problem-solving frameworks. Your team walks away with practical skills and strategies that can be easily customized to your day-to-day work and community context, fostering creativity and collaboration. Our trainings can be delivered as a part of corporate retreats, conferences, or serve as stand-alone professional development sessions.


We specialize in the following course topics:

Public Engagement

Design Thinking for Social Impact

Facilitation Techniques


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Recruit us as your strategic thinking partner. We create individual or team coaching packages to support your professional career. Using our expertise in design thinking and organizational culture, we develop your skills and strategize solutions unique to you, helping you bring forward momentum to your organization.


Our coaching can help you:

Plan and lead your upcoming workshop or retreat

Become a more effective facilitator

Bring participatory design to your day-to-day work

Boost your organization’s problem-solving approach


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Public Engagement Training for Civil Servants


Providing the building blocks of public engagement and facilitation to the Department of Small Business Services.


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