Adaptable Collateral for At-Risk Population

Organizational Collateral, Visual Communications
Visual Communications
About This Project


Sparking the conversation surrounding domestic violence prevention.


Beauty Cares, an organization dedicated to domestic violence prevention, identified the need for educational materials highlight the early warning signs of abuse. To effectively reach their young, teenage demographic, they contacted TYTHE to design a dynamic poster. Our collaborators developed a color palette that reflected Beauty Cares’ own brand and resonated with their target population. Using two bright colors, the poster was designed to be appeal visually and spark curiosity. The collateral folded up into a quiz to help viewers assess whether they were currently in an abusive relationship, making it easy to carry away and save for further reading.


Based on this prototype, Beauty Cares has adapted their important content into a brochure that supports their outreach and educational programs.



Client: Beauty Cares


Collaborators: Ashley Halsey, Kristina Drury


Year: 2012