TYTHEdesign exists to help organizations better serve their constituents. Whether we are strategizing in a boardroom or engaging directly with communities, we strive to connect organizations with their potential. We leverage your existing resources to develop creative and innovative solutions that strengthen your impact. We approach strategy development through five service offerings:

Community Engagement and Facilitation

Uncover public needs and perspectives to reach your organizational mission. We recognize and celebrate that each community is unique; there exists no single engagement approach to eliciting meaningful stakeholder insight. Our stakeholder roundtables, facilitated public workshops, and collaborative working sessions collect insight while sharing expertise and building alignment around your initiative or issue.


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Toolkit Development

Create a clear roadmap for your initiative. We guide you through a co-creative discovery process that results in a visual, easy-to-follow implementation handbook for your team’s vision. Our toolkits provide a tangible reference guide, enabling you to cohesively carry out your mission while creating a lasting resource for years to come..


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Strategic Planning

Magnify your impact with collaborative planning. Whether you’re implementing a long-term vision, service, or program, our strategies and workshops strengthen feedback loops, unearth opportunities, and align expectations for your team. Our co-creative approach brings your stakeholders into the planning process, ensuring a strategy that meets everyone’s needs.


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Human Centered Research

Gain real insight from the people you serve. Our ethnographic techniques help you understand the perspectives within your community and their relation to your product, service, or initiative. We build a hyper-local engagement strategy, gathering on-the-ground citizen insight using both quantitative and qualitative methods.


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Visual Communication

We visually elevate your story, work, and impact. Your brand and visual presence are a key way to quickly communicate your story and value. From print materials to web design, we unify the look and feel of your organization and build a professional, engaging visual narrative.


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CS4All: Co-Creating a Citywide Initiative


Guiding the development of a computer science implementation Blueprint to support a citywide initiative.


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